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Teeth Straightening Treatments Can Improve the Health and Beauty of the Smile

Teeth Straightening Treatments - San Antonio, TX

Posted on January 18, 2016 — by Julie

Female with a straight, white smileThere are many cosmetic flaws that can compromise the appearance of the smile, but few imperfections have as much of an impact as crooked or poorly spaced teeth. When a tooth has turned, the teeth are overcrowded, or there are large gaps of space between the teeth, it produces the appearance of a less-than-perfect smile. Unfortunately, there are often additional issues associated with misalignment problems, including oral discomfort and difficulty keeping the teeth and gums clean. At Incredible Smiles of Texas, our dental team offers cosmetic dentistry treatments to address aesthetic flaws, including a range of teeth straightening treatments that help our San Antonio, TX patients get the straight, beautiful teeth that they desire.

Teeth Straightening Treatment Options

When most people notice that their teeth are crooked or that their bite is off, they automatically assume that braces are their only treatment option. While braces are certainly an effective treatment, there are other options for patients to explore as well. Braces may not be the best choice for every patient, so our dental team is sure to carefully discuss the unique needs and desires of each patient to determine which procedure is best-suited to their situation. Below are some teeth straightening options for patients to consider:

  • Traditional braces: Braces have a proven record of success in correcting alignment problems and straightening the teeth. These results are achieved by placing a series of wires and brackets on the teeth, applying subtle pressure that causes the teeth to gradually shift. By the end of treatment (which typically takes 12 to18 months), patients enjoy a healthier and more attractive smile. While braces offer patients the results they desire, there are some drawbacks to treatment, primarily the discomfort and appearance of the wires and brackets.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign® is the newest technology in orthodontic treatment. Rather than improve the position of the teeth using brackets and wires, Invisalign® treatment relies on a series of aligners. These aligners are made of clear plastic and are virtually invisible. Not only do Invisalign® patients benefit from treatment that offers teeth straightening results that are comparable to braces (and in roughly the same amount of time), they also enjoy the added comfort and convenience that these aligners offer. The one possible downside of Invisalign® treatment is that the aligners are removable. While this can be seen as a benefit, it does mean that the patient will need to be committed to wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours a day in order for treatment to be a success.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are a good treatment option for patients who want to quickly improve the appearance of the smile. These are thin, porcelain shells that are placed on the teeth to conceal crooked teeth and spacing issues. Within two dental appointments, patients can leave our offices with teeth that are not only straighter, but also whiter and free of other blemishes. The drawback of porcelain veneers is that they do not actually change the position of the teeth, so if misalignment is causing other oral health problems, this is not a good treatment option.

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With all of the effective teeth straightening options that are available, there is no reason to spend any more time trying to hide a crooked smile. Schedule an appointment at Incredible Smiles of Texas to find out which teeth straightening treatment is right for you.

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